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Studio Hamburg UK

Studio Hamburg UK is an independent British production company that develops and produces high quality and commercially viable English language film and television content for the international market. Based in London Soho, the company is the first subsidiary under the Studio Hamburg Production Group umbrella that is not resident in Germany. Other subsidiaries include Hamburg-based Letterbox, Berlin-based Real Film, Riverside Entertainment, Nordfilm and Doclights. The Group is also affiliated with Eco Media in Hamburg, Munich’s Amalia Film and Christian Ulmen’s Ulmen TV & Film in Berlin. The Group’s production portfolio reaches across all programming segments in the TV and film world: from long-standing series to mini-series and television movies to theatrical films and from suspenseful documentaries to entertaining television variety shows.


  • Vivien Muller-Rommel
    Managing Director / Producer

    Vivien Muller-Rommel – Is the Managing Director of Studio Hamburg UK in London and responsible for implementing and executing the company’s strategy for the UK and international markets. She is leading a team that develops and produces quality English language content for international audiences. 

    Vivien has worked in the UK film and TV industry for ten years, both in the public and commercial sectors, and her experience spans development, acquisitions, international production and distribution. 

    Prior to Studio Hamburg UK, Vivien worked across cultural exchange, international co-production, inward investment and film export at the British Film Institute’s Film Fund. Before, she worked for both The Weinstein Company and Universal Pictures International, the latter at which she played a key role in developing the company’s German slate. Vivien also has considerable experience in the independent sector and co-founded the pop-up distribution venture 2Dcinema, specialising in outdoor pop-up screenings at university campuses around the UK. Vivien is fluent in German and English.

  • Fiona Waltje
    Development & Production Assistant

Board of Management

  • Michael Lehmann (Chair)
  • Andreas Knoblauch
  • Vivien Muller-Rommel (MD)
Studio Hamburg UK is a member of PACT.


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